GÉANT Project white papers

GN5-1 white papers

The GÉANT p​roject has a range of white papers associated with the activities. These will be made available on this page once published.​​​​​​​​

Passkeys Use and Deployment for R&E Services

Published date | 27 November 2023

Passkeys are a more secure and convenient alternative to passwords, which they aim to replace as the primary method for account authentication. This white paper describes how they work; their usage; key aspects of their implementation, in particular for R&E services; and next steps with regard to development, transition and adoption.


OAV Maturity Model

Published date | 7 November 2023

The Orchestration, Automation and Virtualisation (OAV) maturity model presented in this document has been created by the Network Development Work Package (WP6) of the GN5-1 project to provide a tool to compare and recognise similar goals and needs across NRENs, thereby boosting collaboration and cooperation in OAV in the research and education space. The maturity model enables organisations to assess their OAV capabilities, described through a set of dimensions. The results of the maturity model survey can help organisations evaluate their current state and determine their objectives in terms of OAV evolution, as well as establish a roadmap to follow in order to increase their OAV maturity level.


Argus OAV Architecture Analysis

Published date | 30 June 2023

Argus is an open-source tool for Network Operation Centres and service desks to aggregate incidents from all their monitoring applications into a single, unified dashboard and notification system. This document analyses the mapping of the Argus architecture to the TM Forum’s Open Digital Architecture, aiming to provide a standardised view of the components and implementations of orchestration, automation and virtualisation within the Argus deployment at Sikt, the Norwegian NREN.


PMP Data Analysis

Published date | 6 April 2023

The Performance Measurement Platform (PMP) consists of a number of small nodes that undertake regular measurements towards a few Measurement Points (MPs) located in the core of the GÉANT network. This white paper presents an overview of the work and results of an analysis of the PMP perfSONAR monitoring data that was conducted to explore the possibilities of using machine learning techniques in the future.


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