GÉANT Project deliverables

GN5-1 deliverables

The GÉANT p​roject has a range of deliverables associated with the activities. These will be made available on this page once published.​​​​​​​​

D4.2 Spin-Out Development Report (eduMEET)

Published date | 24 November 2023

This report documents eduMEET’s transition from a project-funded development activity to self-sustaining, community-financed open-source software. It outlines the steps in the spin-out process, together with business case, decisions, lessons learnt, recommendations, and future plans, providing a blueprint for future spin-out candidates.


D9.2 Software Tools Review

Published date | 16 October 2023

This document is a review of critical in-house software tools and services.


D3.1 Compendium Report

Published date | 19 July 2023

The GÉANT Compendium provides an authoritative reference source for anyone with an interest in the development of research and education networking in Europe and beyond. Published since 2001, the Compendium provides information on key areas such as NREN budget and staffing; end users; involvement in EC-funded projects; network, traffic and capacity; and services. This report primarily covers the period January to December 2021. The GÉANT NREN Compendium may be found online at: https://compendium.geant.org/.


D2.1 Project Communications Strategy and Plan

Published date | 31 March 2023

This deliverable describes the communications strategy and plan for Month 1 to Month 12 of GN5-1.


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